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How Does Acai Berry Work? – Weight Loss Analysis

Shedding weight is a problem for folks all over the place and plenty of are questioning does acai berry work. There’s been plenty of hype about this widespread weight reduction product however many individuals do not know whether or not to consider it or not. You’ve got heard it all around the information – acai [...] Read more

Natural Weight Loss Diet Pills Supplements Reviews – Do Your Research First

How to regain body shape by getting slim? This question is quite common among youngsters all over the world. Today, you can find a wonderful range of slimming products online that boasts cure from obesity problems. Selecting the best product from list may not be an easy task. In this article, we are going to [...] Read more

The Magic Of Green Tea – Can 4,000 Years Of Research Be Wrong?

Green tea – you hear about it almost everywhere these days; it’s in shampoos, moisturizers and it’s in every other beverage you see sitting on the shelves at the grocery store. One could think that this seeming surge in popularity is just another health-craze, but take a look at what the experts are saying about [...] Read more

Latest Research On Green Tea

Polyphenols in green tea are all the rage. The health establishment in the United States now endorses drinking a glass of green tea every day because of these new found polyphenols. Part of what makes vegetables and fruits so healthy is catechins. Catechins are also found in green tea. The type of catechin found in [...] Read more

The Weight Loss Benefit Of Green Tea

Research has been conducted over the last few years to identify what compound present in green tea makes it a potent health drink. The scientists have found that green tea contains several antioxidants which are responsible for many of green tea’s health benefits, including weight loss benefit. A research study by American and Swiss Read more