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Is Oolong the Secret Behind Youthful Pores and skin?

Ladies in Asia appear to have extra lovely, flawless pores and skin effectively past their youthful years. It appears as if time stood nonetheless and allowed them to take care of this beautiful look for a few years. What do you suppose their secret is? Might or not it’s oolong tea? There are a plethora [...] Read more

Beginners Infos for Oolong Tea

Over the last couple of years green tea is now very popular and it is for sale in most stores and cafs. It’s also used in a myriad of products for example shampoo, face cream, candles and many other daily items. Oolong tea is manufactured from precisely the same plant, to create Camellia Sinensis. The [...] Read more

Wu Yi Oolong Weight Loss Benefits

WuYi refers back to the mountain region of Fujian Domain within China recognized for growing these types of deliciously darker teas leaves. The kind of Oolong native to this location is generally completely browned and really powerful. Wu Yi tea leaf doesn’t talk about only one sort of tea leaf, instead can be used as [...] Read more

Attaining Longevity By Using Oolong Tea

Many people are holding pray that an elixir of life actually exists. The reason why people would want to survive for an extremely long life is a great question to a few considering that everybody else typically lives a little over the age of 75 years. But for many folks, having a thing that could [...] Read more

Slimming with Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a fantastic product and well worthwhile implementing in your daily diet and routine. You may have originally come across this well known Chinese Tea from an appearance on Oprah with Dr Oz, or maybe a friend recommended it. Oolong Tea is partially oxidized. Oolongs taste is more like green tea than black [...] Read more

Loose Weight Easily with Oolong Tea

Have you ever looked at the mirror and looked away? Most of us have. Weight is one of the biggest issues today not only in regards to how we look, but also in regards to how weight influence our health. In Hollywood in the last years a lot of famous people have substitute their cafe [...] Read more

Indulge Yourself into the Taste of Oolong Leaf Tea with Healthy Benefits

Summary: There are various healthy measures associated with Oolong Leaf Tea, which are to be focused in this piece of article. This is also rich in taste. Tea can be best defined as a refreshing beverage for people, of different parts of the world. Apart from its refreshing taste, there are different types of medical [...] Read more

Oolong Tea From Taiwan

Oolong tea (wu long tea) is nothing more than the leaves of the camellia sinensis that have been processed a certain way. Oolong teas are the most difficult of the four types of teas to process. The many steps involved in processing tea leaves into fine oolong tea from Taiwan is one of the reasons [...] Read more

Understanding Oolong Tea

Oolong is a tea that originated and is primarily grown in China and Taiwan. This tea varies in both flavor and its fermentation process than loose black tea and loose green tea. The fermentation process involves hand-picking the tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, withering the leaves under natural sunlight, undergoing an oxidation Read more

Consumption of Oolong Tea for Weight Loss and Weight Management Issues

Oolong, which is referred as pinyin in traditional Chinese is a type of tea prepared via a unique process which includes the methods of withering, oxidation, fermentation, curling and twisting. The literal meaning of this holistically beneficial tea is – black dragon tea. Quite popular in mainland China, Japan and other parts of Asia, oolong Read more
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