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The Difference Between Black Tea and Green Tea

At the same time it is also consumed hot so that it can be warming and comforting particularly when it is cold outside or first thing in the morning. At the same time tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant that encourages the release of adrenaline and dopamine and which increases our attention, memory and [...] Read more

Reviewing Pycnogenol Eye Gel With Green Tea Extract By Derma E

Those looking to reduce puffiness around their eyes and firm up their skin have to sort through dozens of all natural products. The difficulty is finding natural skin care products that work and don’t irritate your eye. You want a product that feels great all day long and does exactly what it promises. To help [...] Read more

Green tea and speciality tea

Green tea and speciality teaIf you are into your fitness and you also like to take supplements in order to make you look and feel great, then you may have already felt like you have tried and tested everything that you could have possibly tested. There are many different types of products that are out [...] Read more

Five top kinds of green tea for health and fitness

There’s lots of blends and types of green teas available on the market, however what type is the best for your overall health? Here we work down the 5 most powerful. Before I commence, I want to point out that the antioxidant/nutrient level of virtually any tea is usually reliant on the cultivating environments as [...] Read more

Green Tea has numerous benefits, try it now!

For thousand years it has been used as a medicine along with being one of the most refreshing drinks. Though its growth and usage initiated in China, but now it is extensively used all over Asia. And, why not, this is one drink that has a massive amount of use from lowering blood pressure to [...] Read more

The Magical Green Tea Extract

Well, what a head-scratching (not the good kind of head-scratching) predicament! By looking into their window (as we kats are want to do), I’ve determined that my neighbor’s household is in a state of dismay as all the humans, from tall to small, have terrible colds. This is particularly troubling as a whole host of [...] Read more

Green Tea And Prostate Cancer

Recent reports have suggested that varied components found in green teas can possibly reduce the chance of men getting prostate and different forms of cancers. Scientists based in the USA have determined that green teas have an ingredient that will cut the amounts of a protein that is linked to the development of cancer. Taking [...] Read more

Organic Matcha Green Tea: The Nutrients And Awesome Health Results

Ceremonial grades of matcha green tea powders contain higher grades of key nutritional ingredients as compared to other green teas. This is due to the fact that the entire leave is ground into super fine consistency free from any impurity. This features high levels of all those constituents of green teas which are health promoting. [...] Read more

Why Drink Green Tea to Remain Healthy?

The advantages of drinking green tea has been extensively researched and recognized. Drinking around 4 cups in a day is really helpful in improving your overall health. Hundreds of studies have been conducted by a number of countries like the UK, the USA, Japan, China, etc. Apart from drinking water, green tea is among the [...] Read more

Chinese Green Tea – Still Considered to Be Best of the Rest

Be it in the early morning, when you wake up to start a new day or be it the end of the day, when you return tired from your workplace, a cup of tea can simply make you smile. It can make you feel rejuvenated and give you the energy to become ready for a [...] Read more
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