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Benefits of Rooibos Extracts in Skin care

If you have not heard about Rooibos before, that is probably because it is grown in a small area in South Africa – the Cederberg region. This plant is commonly used to produce the redbush tea (or red tea). The plant is treated using oxidisation, which turns the leaves into reddish brown. Hence the name [...] Read more

Green Tea Information – Caffeine, Dosage, Extracts & More!

Looking for green tea information? I have some for you here. Below, you will see facts about the caffeine content, the historical usage and the possible health benefits of supplementation. Let’s start with the caffeine content. According to information provided by the Mayo Clinic, drinking green tea contributes to your daily caffeine intake. Read more

Magical Green Tea and Weight Loss How Does Green Tea Weight Loss Work? Benefits of Green Tea Extracts Drink Tea – Lose Weight?

Often you would come across people who are in their thisrties but look very bulky and old thanks to their unhealthy diet and their hectic comfortless work regime. A study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a metabolism Read more

Green Tea Extracts Help Prevent Type-2 Diabetes

“Drinking tea each day will starve the doctor” Green tea extracts are among the most widely used ancient medicinal agents, while androgens are probably the oldest drugs used in a purified form in traditional Chinese medicine. The extracts are being used by thousands of people for a wide range of health conditions, and it is [...] Read more

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea discovered in China almost 5000 years ago has been associated with health benefits. According to a BBC report Green tea extract is helpful for patients with a form of Leukemia. Even in the United States a team at Mayo clinic reported improved condition of some patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Although some [...] Read more
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Green Tea And Weight Loss Synonymous

More often, you would see green tea or green tea extracts piled together with other weight loss supplements in the market. The question is, is green tea really effective when it comes to a person’s goal to get rid of excess fats and lose some pounds on the weighing scale? Before even thinking of sipping [...] Read more