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A Sampler Of Varieties Of Exotic Teas Makes A Thoughtful Gift

Exotic teas have been newsworthy for centuries, ever since hot water was added to plant material to make a drink or a potion. The British Empire was founded on the spice and tea trade. Teas, whether of the true kind or herbal and floral in origin, have been used to wake up, get through the [...] Read more

Organic Black Tea- Exotic Teas

People in this day of age like to drink tea and depending on what type of tea you buy, it could differ on taste. When you want strong tea, you could simply buy organic black tea to get the strong taste you like. Although, green tea has been one of the famous teas for diet [...] Read more

Drink white tea, the exotic tea UK loves, and experience its wonderful benefits

An old Chinese proverb says that a cup of tea, if drunk daily, can keep anyone away from the pharmacy, making the doctors starve. The truth is, thanks to the beneficial properties of tea, some nations have developed a true culture of tea: according to them, that drink is not just a product, but part [...] Read more

Augmenting Your Sight, Smell & Taste With The Most Exotic Teas

Tea lightens the spirit and harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue. People give up all that is necessary and sit back with a cup of Tea, which they love for its calming essence and the culture that goes with it. It is an escape from life, not because of any association, but because [...] Read more

Diabetes Diet Tips 101- Exotic Diabetes Diet for Indians

Most people believe that diabetic diet is the most boring and bland thing to eat. Most patients are asked to cut down on high GI food items like sugar, potato, meat and rice. Nevertheless, diet for diabetes patients can be delicious. All you need is few right ingredients to create an enjoyable dish. Isn’t it [...] Read more
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