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Is There Caffeine In Wu Yi Tea?

Today coffee and tea are two of the main beverages many drink for an energy boost from caffeine. Not too long ago it was believed that caffeine could cause atherosclerosis and coronary disease now it doesn’t face as much scrutiny. Caffeine is something most enjoy and many consumers ingest it daily. Caffeine is a naturally [...] Read more

Caffeine in coffee Vs Tea

Tea and coffee are two most conspicuous refreshments over the globe. While both tea and coffee have different wellbeing benefits, we survey the two on reason of some critical parameters. Nevertheless firstly you recognize when you spill yourself some coffee or tea in the morning; its more than basically your morning backing you’re expending. Read more

How does caffeine from green tea beneficial for you?

Many people have confusions in their mind about energy drinks. It is very important to understand the facts about the energy drinks. Energy drinks contain ingredients that boost up the energy levels. Energy drinks consist of ingredients such as a stimulant. The stimulant present in energy drinks is a green tea extract known as guarana, [...] Read more

Introducing the no caffeine rooibos tea blends

Also referred to as “red bush” in South Africa where it is native, red tea in the western world and Aspalathus Linearis scientifically, the rooibos tea blend is one of most natural and effective herbal teas around. It has no caffeine and offers the user a wide range of health benefits. The tea is world [...] Read more

What has more caffeine, black or green tea?

When you drink tea there are many things to consider from the flavour, to whether you want milk and sugar, to how much caffeine is going to go into it. Caffeine in particular here is an important consideration as in many ways it will dictate the most about your tea. For some people caffeine is [...] Read more

Caffeine And Weight Loss Program

Caffeine And Weight Loss. Green tea is an excellent replacement for sugar-laden pop or high-fructose fruit juices. The caffeine contained in green tea is known to boost metabolism without increasing blood pressure to dangerous levels. It’s also great for your heart, and tastes awesome either as a drink or when used in various recipes. Read more

Is Your Hoodia Cut With Caffeine?

Have you ever wondered why so much of the Hoodia that is also blended with Green Tea? Although Green Tea is a healthy free radical fighting antioxidant in itself, it is mainly added to Hoodia formulations to help speed weight loss. Usually the individuals marketing these Hoodia and Green Tea Formulas describe the formula as [...] Read more

A Guide to Caffeine Detox Diet

Starting the day with a steaming cup of coffee may be the normal routine of many of you! Most of you might go through additional cuppas all through the day to sail through the professional stresses. Probably, you are not aware of the ill effects of caffeine on the human body! A dependence on the [...] Read more
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Why Caffeine Is The No.1 Secret Weight Loss Ingredient in Tea

Everyone and their mother knows that tea is good for you. Just think about when you were last ill. Did you say, “Can you get me a cup of coffee?” No way! You said, “Can you get me a cup of tea?” But only in the last ten years or so have scientists begun to [...] Read more

Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Yes, green tea contains caffeine, but what I’m about to tell you may surprise you. The caffeine in green tea acts differently than the caffeine in coffee. In fact, it may have surprising benefits you don’t normally find in coffee. First of all, while green tea does contain caffeine, it has far, far less caffeine [...] Read more
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