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So, You Want To Lose Weight Without A Feeling Of Being Deprived Of Your Appetite?

You have probably tried most of the known and even some wacky ways to try and shed all those extra pounds on your body but all that you have tried seem to be failing you. And with the summer fast approaching, toning your body and losing weight is increasingly vital since you want to put [...] Read more

How To Increase Well Being Through Food Selection

These days it seems that everyone is looking for ways to improve their overall well being. From exercising, to eating better, to herbal supplements, to spiritual disciplines, people are turning to a holistic approach in an effort to get the most out of life. Fortunately, with this increase in wellness comes a plethora of foods [...] Read more

Herbal Laxative Tea Reinforces Your Well Being

Herbal laxative tea is very well known for a detoxification process or colon cleanse. It is different than other teas because this one is made from herbs not tea leaves. One of the herbs used here is Senna, it is also used in the well known Ballerina tea which is used as a weight loss [...] Read more

Some good tips on how you may increase your success being on the hcg diet method

When on the hCG injection diet, you want to give yourself the best and safest opportunity for success in rapid and substantial weight loss. Even still, there is a challenge ahead. The object here is to give you some hints and tips to insure your success. See a Doctor – This certainly must be your [...] Read more
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Weird Diets- 6 Weight Loss Methods I Learned From Being a Model

Being five feet and five inches tall was the only thing holding my agent back from “putting me on the next plane to New York City”, or so she said. Big time modeling never happened for me, but working as a small time model and actress over the years, I have often heard models secretly [...] Read more
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Green Tea Having an Edge of Being Useful In Weight Loss

People drinking green tea has somewhat become a trend or fashion, if we say. But it is quite true that there are many health benefits presented by this beverage or the extract made from it. Several researches have been conducted on the weight control, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant and cancer prevention/inhibition Read more