Potential Reactions You Could Have From Having Large Amounts Of Green Tea Extract

When people find something that is good for them sometimes they take it too far by using too much of that thing. If a little bit of something is good then a lot of it is better right? This way of thinking can be bad. Green Tea taken beyond the recommended amount can have disadvantages as well.

While green tea is good for you, there is caffeine in it. This can affect you if you are sensitive to caffeine.

While the amount of caffeine in green tea is not as great as in other beverages such as coffee, it still has some in it. Agitation and rapid heart rate can occur in people sensitive to caffeine.

If caffeine is too much for you there are other options so that you can still enjoy the benefits of green tea. Green tea comes in supplement form so that the caffeine problem can be avoided. The benefits of green tea are too good to miss out on.

When green tea is made into a supplement there is more polyphenol then caffeine in the extract. This makes taking green tea in supplement form better for you then drinking it if you have problems with caffeine.

If you are not expecting caffeine in your supplements then it is an unpleasant surprise to have it in them. Not all companies that offer multivitamins are created equal. It is important to find a safe company that delivers the nutrition and benefits offered.

Companies that are regulated by Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMP), will provide a safe supplement. If a company is not regulated then it is difficult to know what you really are taking. When choosing a supplement, take the time to see what you are really getting.

There can be side effect concerns about green tea and any ingredient if it isn’t taken correctly. Just like like vitamin D increases the absorbency of calcium, there are other beneficial combinations. Having herbal extracts in your supplement is a good thing because it increases the absorption of the multivitamin. If taken correctly, these supplements can help you lead a healthy and happy life.

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